1 round of sex = ? km

yah, it is now a known secret that i have started "jogging" with the aim of shedding some of those unwanted kilos and look slimmer, just as my mother would want me to look. she says that it ain't kosher being way above your bmi especially in ones workplace because one is then perceived to be lazy, blah blah...

that ain't the point of this post however. jogging ain't fun. for now at least. so after my first few runs, i began thinking..., if one were to replace jogging with sex, how many rounds of sex would make a kilometer of jogging? maybe some being has already done this research and put the results out there, but i was just too lazy to look.

it could really be interesting... i'm thinking "honey, today i want to hit 4 kilometers!" or Doctor: it is imperative that you jog at least 2 kilometers a day, to help with that cholesterol problem..."

so, 1 round of sex = ? kilometers?


[aside] i have been trying to control my eating habits. especially eating after 7 in the evening. ;)


wish that you were mine

for a long time now, i have been listening to The Manhattans' last album (methinks) --- "The Manhattans Live in South Africa." it totally rocks! that's the kind of music people, including George W. and bra Bob, should be listening to. from month to month, i have had a favourite song. this time around, wish that you were mine takes the trophy! awesome stuff! here be the lyrics:

Baby, could we have the same table we had yesterday

Woo, ooh, ooh, ooh

Here we are again
Sipping our drinks just like friends
I wonder if they see the sparkle in your eyes
I wonder if they know that I'm not your guy, mmm, hmm

I wonder if they see
That you don't belong tome
Wish that you could be mine
Mine, all mine, mmm…mmm…

It'll be hard for him to understand
I am his friend and he is your man
I wonder what my lady would say
If she knew I met you everyday, mmm, hmm

Sooner or later
Don't you know they're gonna find out and they'll hate us
Oh, I wish that you could be mine
Mine, all mine, mmm…

It's 2 a.m., the place is gonna close
The bartender looks as though he knows
Everybody's, everybody's made it home
Here we sit again all alone, mmm, hmm

I've got to get up at 8
Don't you know I've got to explain why I'm so late, mmm…
I wish I didn't have to go home
Whoa…oh…whoa…oh…oh…go home

I wish that you were mine, baby
Oh, I'd give you the world
And every little thing your heart desires


take your sms and shove it!

yah, i am sick and tired of them people that send text messages that require a response. first of all, i am not a sms fan. texting is just too tedious and expensive (on my mobile package, i pay R0.75 per text the whole day). i prefer calling.

so, if you know me and you are thinking of asking for something from me, call me. if you send an sms, forget you will ever get an answer. even if you are special. why must i pay for something that YOU want? that is how i feel and i am not sorry for the way i feel.



...the bag

sorry, there is nothing inside the bag. nothing. nada. so, what do i put inside? wait, why would i want to put something inside?

anyway, yah. i have been searching for a questionnaire. a particular questionnaire. in this bag. it's not there. obviously because the bag is empty. so can someone out there put something in this empty bag of mine? i dunno, a clue of sort? oh right, the questionnaire! is there a questionnaire that one can utilise as a deterministic method to establish whether a relationship* is (should be) over? you know, those strongly agree - agree - strongly disagree type of questionnaires?

i'm still on course. i'm out.


* a friend is looking for this btw...


pick me! pick me!

i have not updated this in a while. and it seems that each time i put something here, it starts with more or less the same line. this must really stop. currently i am on course, a refresher course really, which teaches me about stuff that i ought to have learned in varsity. nice stuff. a real breather from the work environment. [i write this post during class! sshhhh!]

i got an interesting call today. this lady was, long ago, involved with getting me some study funds from the company which i now work for. since grade 10 if i correctly recall. she has now asked if it is possible that i become a 'helper' of some of the students which are in high school through a similar program to that i underwent. these students are from a not so advantaged background and are struggling away on various aspects of their daily lives at some predominantly white 'model c' (is this term still used?) school somewhere in Bedfordview. now these aspects range from social issues to academic issues and all the inbetweens. i am looking forward to this challenge. i hope i can find a way to somehow help them through. i know from experience that it is not nice to be in an environment where you seem to not 'fit-in'. i thank her for giving me this opportunity.

right, lemme get back to the course...