i am not gay, but...

today i came across this gentleman who just blew me away. i met him in the lift. youngish. he carried himself professionally as we conversed about nothing while the lift was travelling from floor 22 to LG. his cologne was distinctive. and his choice of fabric was delicate, yet strong. i felt funny after that encounter. i was like "huh?!?" if i were a girl, i'm almost certain that i would have made that lift stop. and squeeze him in the corner for a bit of bump bump bump... just for about 2.7 minutes*. he he he!


* i dunno how this time relates the a male's or female's orgasm.

this facebook thing...

is truly a waste of [my] time. i cannot figure out the system. i dunno, i just feel so disoriented when i have logged in, i cannot find my wall, my funwall, sometimes my friends, the people that i have requested to add to my list of friends, the list goes on. so, right now i am saying "screw it! i ain't gonna spend more time on the system. yah!"

on the other hand, i hear that the facebook south african network is so deep that some of the political parties (read: the ANC and its friends) has it in their strategy to campaign for the next election even on facebook. tight, i wanna see JZ's profile. and his funwall. he he he!!!