the cat, the bag and the bit in-between

i have been dormant, yet again, for over a month. *sigh*. that is rather disturbing. too disturbing in fact. i blame it on the corporate Internet policies that are just too, too tight to allow us some time of our own. ok fine, it’s their time, but can’t it be stolen for just a few hours (this should really be minutes) in a day?

anyway, why did i start this post? it certainly has nothing to do with a cat. or a bag. maybe the in-between perhaps. but i doubt it. maybe liking cats. hmmm…? while on the subject of cats, big ups to the two cats that spring to mind. (Dr) Al, finishing a pea eish (usually called a PhD) ain’t a joke yho! i hope all goes well with the external examination process and everything else that will lead to you wearing that red number! ok, red gown. you are cat number one. cat number two. the way this one has guts, he probably has less lives than the nine that he originally began with. he has travelled the world (and its seven seas perhaps) over and over and is now on a special mission to enrol on one of the top-notch business schools in the universe. mind you, it’s not just as simple as filling in an application form and viola, you are in. you have to believe. spend (time, money and much more). oh, you must also have the courage as well as all the other nitty-gritties that go along with it. dude, keep on rocking yeah! most people, me especially, are inspired. by the both of ya’ll.

now, moving along to white socks. i will not say much on that topic. a picture says a thousand words.

Phathu, i took this way before your post. i thought it looked dodge. thanks for confirming that it does.

and finally, congratulations to the new additions on my “Other Blogs” section. it be a great privilege for me to have you in my blog (and vice versa. or is it just vice versa?).

aha, so this post eventually turned out to be about cats after all. and the in-betweens. where’s the bag? where the hell is the darn bag !?!