a hunger buster

i was hungry.
i walked out of the office.
i found it.
i ate it.
i became full.
life is good.
but, where do they prepare it?

it has almost been two months since my last post. there are things that i really want to post here since the festive season, it's just that i haven't had the time to do so. weak. i will though. i will. in the nearest of the futures. althought that alone is very relative. but soon. me promises.

i have always had my suspicions when it comes to the stuff (okay, cooked mealies) that is sold around the streets of Pretoria. my main concern was: where do they cook it? i had my theories, but they were finally proven on Sunday. i was driving past Marabastad (some of you might Google this, he he he) and there they were...! theories put to rest. i shall illustrate thus:

yes, a pretty tasty meal indeed. even i cannot produce such tastiness. i've tried. more than once.

oh, i forgot to include the backgound.

enough said.