the land of the Queen

London is beautiful. well, what i have seen so far. i am loving it. it's great that i brought my CV along. i do not have a camera because up until now i have not seen the use for it. but i'll be sure to capture most of the moments i come across... using my mobile... inbetween work. here is one picture it thought to be great:

this be the famous St. Paul's Cathedral, in case it was not recognisable. i will see if there is more i can upload.



a sequence of uneasy events...

lately, it has become difficult to keep up with the blogging. not just the blogging. life. work. and everything else. i find it difficult to have fun. you know, like i used to. i find it difficult, in fact - annoying, to believe that i am still an ordinary person. i find it difficult to even drink. i tried alles. wine. beer. vodka. brandy. whiskey. fuck, none of them seem to go down well. not like they used to. i hate traffic. i hate coming back from work tired. i hate waking up early in the morning. i, i, i hate the fact that general life has become so [un]characteristically challenging. what is life? a journey? to where? fuck it! lemme sleep.

i am not angry. i am just finding it difficult.