i hate you!

this is a short poem i have composed. it's called "i hate you"

i hate you
i love the fact that i hate you
the fact that i love that i hate you liberates me
you are what i hate

i hate the way you treat me
i hate the way you talk to me
i hate everything about 123
i hate the way you always leave me dry!

if this be an error, and upon me proven
then, Virgin Mobile, i will still hate you, even the day after tomorrow!



this one is a dedication to you...

you're here, i'm pleased
i really dig your company
your style, your smile, your peace mentality
Lord have mercy on me
i was blind, but now i see...

yesterday i took a long walk with you, i cannot say that it was around the block, although it was after dark. i liked it. it was cold. i did not care. i appreciate it. you are one of the best people i know. i tell you this all the time. sometimes you don't believe me. sometime you do just a little bit. still, you rock! my world!