pick me! pick me!

i have not updated this in a while. and it seems that each time i put something here, it starts with more or less the same line. this must really stop. currently i am on course, a refresher course really, which teaches me about stuff that i ought to have learned in varsity. nice stuff. a real breather from the work environment. [i write this post during class! sshhhh!]

i got an interesting call today. this lady was, long ago, involved with getting me some study funds from the company which i now work for. since grade 10 if i correctly recall. she has now asked if it is possible that i become a 'helper' of some of the students which are in high school through a similar program to that i underwent. these students are from a not so advantaged background and are struggling away on various aspects of their daily lives at some predominantly white 'model c' (is this term still used?) school somewhere in Bedfordview. now these aspects range from social issues to academic issues and all the inbetweens. i am looking forward to this challenge. i hope i can find a way to somehow help them through. i know from experience that it is not nice to be in an environment where you seem to not 'fit-in'. i thank her for giving me this opportunity.

right, lemme get back to the course...



alapan said...

So back to class! What type of course is it? And why didn't you learn it in varsity - didn't do the course or you think the course should have had these components? Or were you online when it was covered in varsity? :P

Good going on helping out the kids in the Model C schools. Don't know if they are still called that ... doesn't stop people from calling them that though!

Ciaa said...

this time around it was "Implementing a MS SQL Server 2005 Database". can't really say much about the DB classes at varsity :)