1 round of sex = ? km

yah, it is now a known secret that i have started "jogging" with the aim of shedding some of those unwanted kilos and look slimmer, just as my mother would want me to look. she says that it ain't kosher being way above your bmi especially in ones workplace because one is then perceived to be lazy, blah blah...

that ain't the point of this post however. jogging ain't fun. for now at least. so after my first few runs, i began thinking..., if one were to replace jogging with sex, how many rounds of sex would make a kilometer of jogging? maybe some being has already done this research and put the results out there, but i was just too lazy to look.

it could really be interesting... i'm thinking "honey, today i want to hit 4 kilometers!" or Doctor: it is imperative that you jog at least 2 kilometers a day, to help with that cholesterol problem..."

so, 1 round of sex = ? kilometers?


[aside] i have been trying to control my eating habits. especially eating after 7 in the evening. ;)


alapan said...


But seriously, research has been done, and you (and the rest of mankind) is in luck! Sex does burn off serious calories. Unfortunately, a quick search on Google only reveals joke websites, so a more detailed investigation is required! Off course, you could always do the experiment yourself and report back :P

phathu said...

Hey Siya I support Al's idea of self study.

heartwarmer said...

Hahahaha - be sure to report back on the research. We could all benefit from this kind of stufy.

jay said...

Siya, jogging!! That ain't gonna work. Self study is gonna kill two birds with one stone. Looking forward to your report back.

By the way is the bag still empty? You might want to answer that one first! :-)

Anonymous said...

"Self study is gonna kill two birds with one stone."

"Self study!" ... "Two birds!"


Ciaa said...

still no luck here. rather, there have not been any recordings of the experiment results. not to say that ALL the experiments have been conducted. i am happy to report though that i am now able to run the whole distance without stopping (i only stopped once btw -- on my first day)


sabre said...

:) if I remember correctly, about 30min of sex burns around 2000 kilojoules (500 calories). That's slightly more efficient than jogging for the same period of time. Bearing in mind that the action is of sufficient intensity of course ;)

Lucky me: I like both! *grin*