take your sms and shove it!

yah, i am sick and tired of them people that send text messages that require a response. first of all, i am not a sms fan. texting is just too tedious and expensive (on my mobile package, i pay R0.75 per text the whole day). i prefer calling.

so, if you know me and you are thinking of asking for something from me, call me. if you send an sms, forget you will ever get an answer. even if you are special. why must i pay for something that YOU want? that is how i feel and i am not sorry for the way i feel.



phathu said...

Hayi Siya you crack me up chap. You are so right, but I think an SMS is better. What about a please call me? Now thats even worse...

heartwarmer said...

Hau mara Ciaa - c'mon man. Not everyone has money monna. Haai, I'm with Phathu - appreciate that it isnt a please call me.