who reads your blog?

i have a fair idea of where my blog is being read from, but as to who exactly reads it, remains a mystery. a whole lot of "what ifs" start trickling in. for instance, what if it's being read by other parties which i never thought would read it? but then again, so what? after all, i am expressing myself. so, if you are out there and you have read (or will read) something directed (or not) at you or at something or someone you know, and you are not liking it, as Bender would say it, "bite my shiny, metal ass!"



Anonymous said...

i'm back and i'm bad!
i read this post of yours a while ago and i wondered to myself why you would post such a thing? you make some fairly obvious statements here... you should make no apologies for who you are (unless it hurts someone else of course) and how you choose to spend your time.
anyway, i wanted to tell you i'm back and i intend to be meaner than before!

just kidding.

alapan said...

hmm ... I see my review of fevertree was used by their record label ...