GMAT and other tales

no, it is not getting my ass tormented, although some may argue that it comes pretty close. so me and Phathu started studying for this thing at more or less the same time. he wrote it. i did not. simply put, i was not ready for the test. numerous reasons. i gave myself until the end of April to write it. the end of April is thus upon me. am i ready to write you ask? yes. i have studied enough to be able to write it . the only glitch here is that i have not booked to sit the test. again, numerous reasons. one of these reasons is probably being scared. what if i write it and i am not happy with the score at the end? i could write again yes, but i only want to write it once and once only. i don't want multiple attempts appearing on my record. tales...

but because i am not a quitter, i will brave myself and book for this darn test. i just need a sign, even a faint one, telling me that its okay to go ahead and try it (i hope my ancestors are reading this).

otherwise, second half.


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GMAT test pattern said...

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