Helen Zille continues to impress me

yes. i think of her not just as a woman leader, but also as a leader who has high morale, whose daily life is guided and founded upon solid and ethical principles and as a leader who is not reserved to speak her mind out. whatever the situation. in short, she strikes me as a strong leader with a high degree of transparency and as one of a few politicians with a reasonable view of where the country should be heading.

why so much praise you ask? maybe it's because she shows some support to some of my views (this was not so long ago). in a recent news article, she has stood up against attempts to rename Cape Town International Airport. furthermore, she has had guts to question and challenge some of the actions and views emanating from the ruling party, and for that i applaud her.

this country needs more leaders like her so that there is at least some healthy political competition to ensure that the views expressed at a political level are not as one-sided as they have been in the past.


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