it is in the eyes of the beholder

the Western society at large is celebrating, errr, love on this day. well me, i believe that i am just a simple black man who really never understood the whole notion behind Valentine's day. it's the day dedicated to express your love to the ones you love you say? i say to hell with that! you can do it on any other day. in fact, everyday, one is presented with countless opportunities to say to the ones closest to one: "hey, i really appreciate having you in my life!" or "hey, i really miss you in my life!" or even "hey, although i do not tell you everyday, or i do not express it as much as you would like, i really do love you!" simple. really simple!

i was listening to the radio this morning about the trends in the market during and around V's day. the likes of Foschini and Edcon and similar really benefit around this time of the year. people purchasing cards, thongs, g-strings and whatever else for their loved ones. roses selling for a staggering (or should i say whopping) R50 a rose or something that ridiculous. eish!

ooh well, maybe i am adopting this mind set simply because i am broke. yah, it could be that.


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