when i grow up, i wanna coach bafana bafana

i mean, why not.

i think that our football association that is safa has, once again, got it all wrong. the main question that is on any sensible person's mind is: "is he really worth it?" Carlos Alberto Parreira that is. why is safa so interested in him? what is it that has given him such an advantage over all the other coaches that were inline for the job? so what if he was, at some point, successful with the world's best football team? success is not contagious unfortunately. but at R1.8m a month, i'm sure he can arrange it.

what bothers me the most is that safa now seems fairly desperate to get him on board that they are willing to do whatever he requests (basically, kiss his ass). i'm sure, if he can say that he cannot come through for the country in January and can make it only in March, safa would probably buy it. and give him a further 2oo blocks while at it. personally, i do not think that he can make it. he has failed* in Africa before (although that was early in his career and has probably picked up experience since then), but i have this urging feeling that he will fall flat on his face. safa will buy him out of his contract (they are good at it by the way) and will be embarrassed completely.

our country should wake up and realise that sports and politics were never meant to co-exist. never. the majority of sport in this country, rugby and soccer being the front-runners, has suffered immensely as a result of political interventions.


* this, of course, being a very relative term.

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alapan said...

I really don't understand the fascination with Brazillian coaches ... there is one important factor here - the skills, the discipline and the dedication of the Brazillian players. You don't hear Ronaldo and company tell their federation - no, we can't make it because I need to cement my position in my club. And, Brazillian development programs are way ahead of South African development programs. Having a great coach is no use; if (s)he does not have the talent and dedicated players to draw from.