i'd rather die...

[caution] this material is delivered from my brain as is [aka brain dump]. at a later stage i may look at it and utter: 'who hacked my blog!?' but for now, here goes.

i hate this country. i hate South Africa and all the powers that be. i hate the president and i hate all the ministers. i hate the deputy ministers and i hate the provincial MECs. i hate the parliament and i hate Manto Tshabalala-Msimang. she is the health minister right? yah. i hate her.

...it all began when i was watching SABC news yesterday [monday, 14.8.2006]. they showed a hospital in Brits. somewhere in the North West. who is the North West premier? yah, i hate him too! to cut the story short, i was displeased. or was i enraged? f#ck it. it's all relative. 2147,59. that's how much tax i will be paying at the end of this month. in rands. where will all that money, together with that you'll be paying, go to? i can tell you now that it will not go towards the sorry-excuse that is the money received by nurses that work for government hospitals nowadays. they get paid peanuts and they are expected to work like idiots trying to save lives. where are the resources that should be there in our government hossies? f#ck! people have their mothers and sisters taking care of them. sick people. in hospitals. what the hell is that? they bring their own blankets. some share beds. others sleep on the floor. geez. what is this?

what i saw in the news yesterday was alarmingly shocking. it moved me. maybe the is something that the government people are doing about our health system as a whole. maybe. but whatever it is, i ain't seen jack! and in my books, they've done f#ck'all. they all look like, in fact they are, power hungry individuals that care not a single bit about the country that they are apparently incharge of. they know that if they get heart attacks (most likely since they are all overfed and fat), they have a bed and a gazillion nurses waiting for them in a posh room at sunninghill private hospital or at sandton clinic. probably at a loyal tax-payer's expense.

yah, they rather take the tax-payers' money and rename airports. and towns. and pay for the trvelgate scam trial...


i love my country.



jay said...

I feel you. Brain dumb from a Zimbo -

Do ciaBrainDumb.replace("South Africa","Zimbabwe");

Do ciaBrainDumb.replace("Manto Tshabalala-Msimang","Manto Tshabalala-Msimang");
// Because some things can't be replaced.

alapan said...

Manto has totally lost it ... what the fuck is she on about? She still goes on and on about garlic and lemon ... fuck. It would be one thing to say that ARV cannot be rolled out because other health needs are more urgent; but that is hardly the case. All in all, the health system has gone nowhere ... remember Nkosasana Zuma ... she was a good health minister, despite spending money on Sarafina 2 ... at least it was better place to spend money than on preaching garlic and lemon

sabre said...

Absolute power corrupts absolutely. And there's no doubt that the "Comrades" of the old struggle are now puppets to the machinery that is Capitalism, filling their pockets off the poor and keeping the 'investors' happy while the common man starves.

Personally, a more socialist approach is not necessarily a bad thing; now Lenin and Stalin perversified the principles for their own ends and American media has branded anything that looks like the word "Marx" as synonymous with the Devil himself... but being a more socialist country does not mean giving up religion or forcibly robbing the rich to feed the poor ala Robin Hood.

Socialism is an attitude change. One we are in dire need of.

Anonymous said...

i hate this country too. dont you every wonder....like the anc fucks up EVERYTHING, from communications, to electricity, to health, to transport, to economy. and the fucking blacks still vote for the anc. blacks belong in a zoo next to the gorillas.

they a bunch of fucking brainless animals. i wasnt always racist. i gave them 10 years to clean up their act, but they still behave like a bunch of baboons. i pray everyday for apartheid. but alas, i know that by 2009, i will have to immigrate. cos these fuckers are on a mission to destroy this beautiful country. fuck them, fuck you, fuck this country.

i hate you all!!!