gimme a chance...

fine, i think the topic of me being bored at work has been exhausted. so, what's new? eish these days i stumble upon opportunities of doing much more things with my time than in previous months. in the last month or so, i have been to the province where the sun supposedly rises (mpumalanga), many times. i have been to the cape (western province). have been home (kwazulu-natal) and i have been to the free-state. yeah! this coming weekend i shall embark on a trip to klerksdorp (north west), so yah, my hands are full like that! with the price of petrol having risen, it's gonna cost a lot more to drive around to all these places. oh, and i'm planning on going to hartees for a picnic sometime soon. and to mozambique in spring.

right, now to the topic of this blog. i need to do some course. i was thinking along the lines of management development programme (mdp) or similar courses, obviously on a part-time basis. but my only obstacle is that most of these institutions are either i) somewhat expensive for my liking (uct's equivalent course is R50K) or ii) need me to be at least 25 years old or be in a management position for some time --- not junior management, or both (like tuks' and unisa's mdp amongst others). so, if you are sitting there and you know of a reputable institution that i can attend to satisfy my urge, lemme know. i wanna do something with my time. after all, in about a year or so, i will be a rocking manager wherever i'll be at, plus, i should start thinking about how to make money as we build and shape our nation towards the greatest spectacle in football history (aka 2010 soccer world cup south africa [here is more of 2010]), so i may as well use this time to acquire some skills that might be applicable then.

these institutions must just gimme a chance! i mean, for crying in a plastic dish, i'm not trying to do an mba or anything! well not yet at least.


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