old habits never die...

i remember arriving late at a computer science lecture once. i think it was the networks module of third year if my memory serves me correctly. 15 minutes late i think i was. this time around, the lecturer decided to ask for a reason for my lateness. an impromtu response was: "public transport." (oh, just to add: i was staying in res --- kopano, and between res and LT302, there was no public transport involved) that got me off the hook. at least that time at least.

now, this "flexible hours" thing is really killing me. i feel no urge to wake up in the morning. today i got to work at about 09H30 (Jay is still the winner at arriving at work late though. or is it also flexible hours for you Jay?) didn't even feel guilty. no one asked me questions. nada. so yah. one day when i start real work for a real company, i suspect this will all come back to haunt me. because it's true; old habits really never die, they probably go dormant for a long while. or even better: lapho okwake kwama khona amanzi, oyophinde ame futhi.

with that, i say kill your old habits (except possibly for sleep...)



alapan said...

hehe - I remember the public transport day ... all those who knew you, had a hard time not laughing.

As for working for a real company - I find that if I need to get somewhere on time (like meeting my supervisor at 8am), I get there on time - otherwise, getting to campus is a mission. I need a reason to be up here early

jay said...

It's "flexible hours" Ciaa although once in a while I put put myself online on ICQ coz that's where my boss will start looking for. If he sees me online then, lets just say "I could be working from" ;-) dude enjoy those flexy hrs, that's one reason y I like where I am at the moment.

sabre said...

hmm, I dunno hey guys. I find I get SO much more done for having a routine. Work time is work time and play time is play time. + when I'm used to switching into work mode at 9 every morning, it becomes much easier to do.