down, but not completely out...

well, the title of this post isn't quite what it means :)

i have been away from blogging for years now, literally. maybe it's because i grew old; or maybe it's because other aspects of technology replaces blogging, angazi. i am not on twitter by the way (i don't recall twitter's existence that last time i blogged). LOL.

anyhoo, that's me. i will, from time to time, post one or two or however-many posts here. just for fun.


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Unknown said...

Hi ciaa, I read your comment to sabrina about Inkosazana on Goddess a Day, writen April 24th, 2008 at 6:58 am. http://www.goddessaday.com/african/inkosazana
I am trying to contact sabrina to ask her where she got her source for this information as I am writing a newspaper article about Zulu Goddesses and I am needing origional source. Please could you tell me how I can contact her or the website to contact her as her link is not active and comments to her are closed.
Many thanks

Chris Gates