"you're an idiot sometimes you know that?"

id·i·ot [id-ee-uht] –noun
1. an utterly foolish or senseless person.
2. Psychology. a person of the lowest order in a former classification of mental retardation, having a mental age

call me an idiot, but not to my face. and make sure that i do not find out. period. for if i do, shit, i will not be happy about it. probably forever. as it stands, i remember all the people (2) that have, in my lifetime, called me (either to my face, or i found out) some variation of idiot. it really, truly hurts. especially since i cannot, in both instances, substantiate they calling me what they called me. and worse of all, recovery is never really 100%. with me at least. sometimes i hate the fact that i can dwell on certain issues forever. perhaps i should work on that. but i can't see me working through being called idiot. i don't know how to... i can forgive yes, but forgetting is a long shot.



Kgolo said...

I am not sure if I hate being called an idiot or just how long it takes me from recovering from someone calling me idiot.

Couple of years ago, I studied in UCT and had a tutor that called me an idiot. I met this guy again in Pretoria years later but I still remembered.

The worst is I had to interview this guy two months ago for a job. The tables had turned, he was going to report to me. As I interviewed this guy, I kept thinking you called me idiot one day , idiot. Nonetheless he reports to me now and he doesn't remember that he called me an idiot b4

Heartwarmer said...

eish...can't say I remember anybody calling me an idiot. Maybe they've all better than to say it to my face?
I dunno, I just reckon you know yourself - and you know you aren't an idiot. So fuck everything else.

alapan said...

I on the other hand, don't seem to mind being called an idiot :P

phathu said...

have you called anyone an idiot?

Ciaa said...

kgolo, tables do turn and it's interesting how they have turned in your case. cool how you kept cool. an interesting question in that interview would have been "would you call someone an idiot?"

heartwarmer, i shall not fuck everything else, but i'll learn to not let these things get to me yeah :)

al, i guess you and i are together in this.

no, i do not recall calling someone idiot with an ill intention.

sabre said...

must confess, I don't mind it if I deserve it. And man! have there been times that I deserved it!!! :) most of the time you'll have to pip me to the post of calling myself an idiot first.