as cryptic as i would like to keep this post, there are some things that are just too obvious from a mile away. there are many reasons why i have this rather nostalgic edge. so many. i think it is for the first time i'm thinking: "do i miss my childhood?" and the truth is that i do. i miss it. although i have a very blury memory of my childhood days, i still believe that i miss it. that way at least, i am comforted. my grandfather (my mother's daddy) was a cool dude. i think. although there were a lot of things that he did which were uncool, i nonetherless still think he was cool. i think he would be really pleased about the progress i have made in my life. he left me too soon methinks. {begin of side-track} my other grandfather (my daddy's daddy obviously) is some version of a dick. ok, maybe not dick, but he is rather reserved. too reserved for my liking. i do not want to have a formal conversation with him. i wanna speak to him as though i was speaking to, errr, my grandfather? is that too much to ask for? i am especially irritated because i feel he does this only to me and none of my other cousins. but what the heck! {end of side-track}

i miss primary school. i was king! everyone knew me. not vice versa unfortunately. i miss high school. high school rocked! i think i was not much of a king there, but everyone still knew me. but not vice versa too. happy times. cool memories.

i miss my aunt (my mother's sister). we never really spoke much me and her but she was a cool person. i think she had the qualities of my grandfather. wherever she's at, i know she is watching over her son. i like my cousin. i hope he grows up to become a strong man. i see potential in him.

varsity? i miss it too. all the relationships that were built up over the 6 years i was there. i'm sure they are solid enough to last me a lifetime.

most importantly though, i miss yesterday. i miss it because it was a lot simpler that today. i miss it even more at a realisation that all my yesterdays will be a lot simpler than my tomorrows.

yes, i miss my childhood.


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