about the sea 'n all

today i learned that the only sea that is below sea level is the dead sea. no wonder it's dead. while on that subject, i decided to find other trivial facts about the sea. for instance: the sea is the salt waters that cover the greater part of the earth's surface. interesting.

oh, another interesting find, although this was a long time ago, was this following list of the [seven seas]*:

1. Caspian Sea
2. Black Sea
3. Adriatic Sea
4. Red Sea
5. Aegean Sea
6. Mediterranean Sea
7. Persian Gulf
8. Arabian Sea
9. Indian Ocean

there are other permutations of the above. there are other seas. like the one mentioned in the opening sentence of this post. oh, and the Atlantic Ocean as well. and the Pacific. the South Pacific and the North Pacific. and so on...


* this is also the title of a song done by Babyface, Echo & the Bunnymen, William Pint & Felicia Dale, Marcome and others. Queen did 'seven seas of rhye' while the Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark did 'sailing on the seven seas'


alapan said...

so this is what happens when you spend too much time playing trivia?

Ciaa said...

yes my friend. yes. see how much of a sorry case i have become? things are truly sad this side...

Nerd23 said...

i'm gonna go on and be a smart-ass here and risk losing my self-respect...

...your list of the seven seas... maybe i will not risk losing my self-respect. you need a new job (yes, i know that i do too!)

Jason said...

Oh comeon guys, this is very interesting. Ciaa u r doing a good job, keep more facts coming in ;-)