tshwane metro police 3 - 0 ciaa

that's the running score. three traffic tickets since february. two tickets in two days (yesterday and today). what could be worse?

yesterday's ticket was just too weak. i currently do not have a parking spot at work, so i park on the street. if i arrive early enough, i get really good parking a few steps from the entrance to work. if late, i battle (to both find parking and walk the long distance from car to desk). now, i think these were new recruits trying to impress their bosses by issuing out a ridiculous amount of tickets in one day, but they were issuing tickets to all the cars that were parked on the street. ALL the cars. i was parked in a clearly demarcated area, where there was no meter that needed to be payed. nothinng. just an innocent parking bay on the side of the street. eish, when i arrived, there was the ticket in the windshield; stipulating that i was parked at a bus stop. riiiiight. i will query that. i do not have R200 to give the municipality as a pressie.

today. i had a bank appointment at 12H30. no seat belt. R200. initially, it was R400, but through negotiations, i managed to have it halved. i did not have cash. otherwise i would have bribed the hell out of that officer dude. he wanted me to. i told him that i did not have cash on me (next time i should be more prepared). he was an Afrikaner fellow, attempting a version of seTshwana so that i could see that he and i were thinking alike. i'm sure R20 would have done the trick.

so there. two fines in as many days. i hope i do not make it a hat trick.


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