Jacob Zuma (Jay Zee) Joins NADECO

former president of the Republic of South Africa, Jacob Zuma, has, at the eve of the culmination of the floor crossing window which opened on 1.9.2005 and for 15 days since, joined the infant of the political movements in South Africa, NADECO (National Democratic Convention). Jiyane, former IFP chairperson, founder and president of this two-month old was quoted saying "NADECO is no more based on three pillars, but three pillars and Jay Zee and his [Jay Zee] actions could not have come at any other revolutionary time than the present in the politics of South Africa." the president of the Republic, Thabo Mbeki, was not available for comment as he is away trying to solve the problems of poverty in the African continent with the president of the United States and the British prime minister, however, presidential spokes person said that "this [Jay Zee's crossing over] will take a lot of stress off the president's shoulders which will enable him [Mbeki] to take more calculated decisions about the future of this country."

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Vusie said...

I find it very hard to believe what this article say about Mr Zuma crossing the floors to the Nadeco and besides he is the deputy president of the ANC, which according to my knowledge is a ruling party.